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Cannabis Is Our State Flower.





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Friends + Founders

State Flower was founded by friends who met in Santa Cruz, California in the late 90s and started growing together. 

We smoke our flowers everyday, so we want them to be pure and clean. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.
— Daniel, co-founder

Grown with Care

We grow hydroponically, indoors, feeding our flowers a proprietary blend of bio-mineral nutrients and beneficial microorganisms. Prior to harvest, plants are flushed for two weeks with pure, clean water.  Then, after slow-drying for two more weeks, each batch of our flowers are dry trimmed by hand and carefully cured. 

What is Small Batch Cannabis?

Our flowers are grown in San Francisco and Las Vegas in batches of five pounds or less so they are always fresh (Nevada consumers, be sure to check your harvest date on the state mandated label and discover how fresh your flowers are).

State Flower Cannabis is proud to be the first Nevada and California Envirocann certified cultivation.

Envirocann tests every stage of growth in our cultivation process (not just finished flowers) to certify that our cannabis is free of synthetic pesticides, PGRs, and that sustainable practices are employed in our facility.



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State Flower Classics
GDP Purple Cadillac

Purple Cadillac

Cherry AK Fire OG Gorilla Glue #4 Green Crack King Louis XIII OG Madman OG SFV OG Stardawg Super Glue

Cherry AK
Fire OG
Gorilla Glue #4
Green Crack
King Louis XIII OG
Madman OG
Super Glue

Blackjack Cannatonic (CBD) Lambs Bread (King's Cut) XJ-13

Cannatonic (CBD)
Lambs Bread (King's Cut)

pacific coast breeders series

When it comes to breeding legendary genetics, the Pacific Coast reigns supreme. Creating new genetics isn’t easy and breeders often aren’t given the credit they deserve. We are constantly testing new genetics and, as we identify the keepers, we will continue to pay homage to the breeders devoted to bringing us the next great strain.

Pie Face (Archive Seeds, Portland, OR)

Cherry Pie x Face Off OG BX1

Shapeshifter (Cult Classic Seeds, Sonoma, CA)

Old Man’s Purp x Malawi x NL Haze x Memory Loss

Kimbo Kush (Exotic Genetix, Tacoma Washington)

Blackberry Kush x Starfighter F2

Pineapple Tonic (Purple City Genetics, Oakland, CA)

Pineapple OG x Cannatonic (high CBD)



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Treat Your Flowers Right

Enjoy your State Flower Cannabis promptly for peak flavor, aroma and effects.

For best quality, we suggest using within 2-3 weeks of purchase.

Seal tightly -- especially in dry climates -- and keep away from direct light. 

Pro tip: clean your pipe, water pipe or vaporizer frequently. Ash and residues interfere with the flavor and aroma of your flowers. 

If you are using rolling papers, select a pure paper without additives. Or check out our pre-rolls.

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Keep in Touch



If you’d like to bring State Flower Cannabis to your licensed Nevada dispensary please contact